A computer mouse redesign, with a novel way to scroll.

A design for a mouse concept.

How many times does the average person click on their computer mouse a day? How many pixels do they move across their screen? How far do they scroll? Our computer mice get used a hell of a lot. Acknowledging this, I couldn't help but recognize a huge opportunity for impact. If you can make any type of small incremental improvement to a computer mouse, it would equal a huge amount of value over it's lifetime of use.

Mouse sketch

Scroll behaviour

Think of the scroll behaviour of the mouse as a joystick restricted to rotation about one axis. This approach means that to scroll long distances on screen the user doesn't need to flick the scroll wheel continuously, but can instead keep their finger holding forwards until they reach the point in the page they want ... at which point they can just let go.

Scroll behaviour GIF

Top view

Side view

Front view

Context shot 1

Context shot 2


To help with packaging, and to help map out some of the interactions that I was imagining around the scroll behaviour, i recreated the profiles of the mouse in it's light and dark variants.

Light mouse illustrations

Dark mouse illustrations


I wanted to try my hand at designing some packaging to complete the project, leveraging the illustrations created previously to give a glimpse at the product before opening.

Packaging top view


Light and dark versions