An E-Reader with a spine that actually belongs on your bookshelf.

Rendered video

E-Reader Concept

I love my kindle, don't get me wrong. But what's next? E-Readers today have relatively incremental updates, and the form factor has been rarely challenged.

Open view of the e-reader


After talking ideas with a good friend (Telmen Dzjind - who happens to be an insane designer btw), we came up with the idea of a multi-screened e-reader.

Side view of spine


It's pretty easy to see the differences between a standard e-reader and a book today. The two key differences that I sought to address and improve were in the number of pages and also the lack of a spine. Those are the two defining features of this concept.

Front closed view of e-reader

Side and spine view

Detail view of the e-reader

Boxed packaging view 4 Boxed packaging view 5